This page offers a range of clay pipe related research resources either as files that you can download, or as links. It is hoped that this page will develop and evolve over time, so be sure to check it out at regular intervals.

Recording Clay Tobacco Pipes

A Brief Introduction to Clay Tobacco Pipes and Their Study (includes a current list of BAR volumes)

London Bowl Form Typology (Atkinson and Oswald 1969)



Reconstruction of Clay Tobacco Pipes (Higgins 1982)

Armorials: Pipes Decorated with Heraldic Motifs

Jackson, R., Beckey, I., and Baker, M., 1991 'Two Groups of Nineteenth Century Pipe Waste from Bristol' in R. and P. Jackson (eds) Clay Pipe Research, 2, 97-126.

le Cheminant, R., 1981 'A Note on the Vernon Bowl', in Peter Davey (ed) The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe, VI, BAR British Series 97, Oxford, 87-89.

le Cheminant, R., 1978 'The Development of the Pipeclay Hair Curler: A Preliminary Study' The London Archaeologist, 3:7, 187-191.


Makers' Lists

List of 17th and 18th Century Yorkshire Pipemakers (White 2004)

Plymouth Pipemakers - a working draft (Jackson 2014)



London Apprentices - Excel table of the tobacco pipe maker apprentices for Greater London 1671-1883.


Pipe Bibliographies

Keeping abreast of new research and being able to find earlier publications is essential for anyone wishing to study pipes. In 1989 the Society compiled a bibliography of pipe references for the British Isles, but this is now long out of print. Since then a huge amount of new research has been published. The Society hopes to be able to produce a new and comprehensive bibliography in the future, but this will be a major task that is still some way off.

As an interim measure, the Society has compiled a list of recent publications that will alert members to new research that has just appeared. In addition, the new working bibliography has also been made available. This has not been systematically compiled, nor is it in any way comprehensive; it is merely a collection of sources that provide a starting point for the new bibliography. Finally, a number of other pipe bibliographies have been brought together which provide a useful resource for anyone undertaking research.

The 'Recent Publications' link contains books and papers published over the last two of years. These can also be found in the new working bibliography, while the old 1989 bibliography will provide access to earlier publications. The 1989 bibliography is arranged by country/region and then county and is useful in that the entries also include a brief description of the contents of each article. The SCPR Newsletter Index provides details of every article that has appeared and lists by both author and title are available as Word documents. For those who can use an Excel table, the full database has also been made available in this format. Various categories of additional information have been logged for each article and the Excel sheet can be sorted to bring together articles on a particular topic or region.

Other pipe related references have been extracted from the holdings of the National Pipe Archive and the Medieval Pottery Research Group's bibliography. Finally, there are a number of bibliographies that have been compiled for individual researchers. There will clearly be some overlap of references between these various sources but they provide a number of potential avenues to explore.

If you have any bibliographic references you would like to add to the new SCPR list, then please send them to us at Please make sure that each reference includes the author's initials and surname, the year of publication, the title of the article and the page numbers on which it occurs, the book or journal in which it was published (including the initals and surnames of any editors) and the publisher's name and location.


Recent publications - lists new publications released in the past two years

New working SCPR bibliography - current working SCPR bibliography

Old SCPR bibliography - bibliography as published by SCPR in 1989

SCPR Newsletter index

National Pipe Archive - list of all the published and unpublished pipe literature held by the National Pipe Archive

MPRG bibliography - clay pipe references extacted from the Medieval Pottery Research Group (MPRG) bibliography

David Atkinson bibliography

David Higgins bibliography

Adrian Oswald bibliography