SCPR Newsletter Index

Thanks to the help of a number of our members we have finally been able to complete the indexing off all our newletters. We have produced two forms of the index, the first is arranged by author, the second by article title. These indexes are available as either PDFs or WORD files.

bulletIndex by Author - PDF or WORD

bulletIndex by Article Title - PDF or WORD

The main index itself was created using an EXCEL table. For each article geographical information was, where possible, recorded in the form of a site name, town, county and country. This means that it is possible to sort the index data by these geographical points. For example, if you want to see all the articles that have been written about material from Warwickshire, you can sort the table by county so that they all appear together.

Similarly we have attempted to classify the articles depending on their subject matter. For example, if the article is primarily about pipemakers the column PIPEMAKERS is marked with a Y for "yes", or if it is about metal pipes the column METAL PIPES is marked with a Y. For those familiar with the use of Excel you will be able to sort by these different catagories.

This EXCEL table is currently sorted in volume number order, but by downloading the table you will be able to sort the table in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Remember that to do any editing or sorting to this table you will need to save it to your own computer first.

bullet Main index - EXCEL table